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Social cooperative set up in 2017 by a group of psychologists and psychotherapists, engaged in the recovery of abandoned olive groves in Molise and in the social and work integration of "fragile" categories. It operates in the field of promoting the empowerment of women victims of violence, people with disabilities, ex-prisoners, etc. through social farming actions. It promotes oil tourism through training and production of an extra-virgin olive oil called "L'Olio di Fausto", originating from the recovery in Molise of an abandoned olive grove where the centenary "Fausto" olive tree lives, this way because ("Faustus" in Latin is "lucky”) survived the fall of a lightning that had set it on fire. From 2019 Fausto has returned to being productive and boasts a health oil with great personality, much appreciated in Italy for its quality and its history of resilience and rebirth.

Stakeholder Type

Olive growers and olive oil producers


Molise, Italy


Nicola Malorni



L’Olio di Fausto


Extracted from centenary olive drupes of the small medieval village of Guardialfiera, in Molise (Italy), and pressed within 12 hours, in a continuous cold cycle, with a temperature below 27 ° C, the Fausto Oil is able to preserve for a long time unchanged the chemical and sensory characteristics of the oil just extracted from the drupe. It has nutraceutical characteristics typical of healthy extra virgin olive oil with a total number of polyphenols equal to 1,005 mg / kg. The oil has hints of cut grass, thistle, fresh almond and bitter herbs, nuances of dried fruit and slight hints of aromatic herbs. On the palate, bitter herbs, thistle and artichoke return, a strong spiciness balanced by an equally strong bitterness. In closing, the fresh almond returns, pleasant and persistent.

Type of Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil

Packaging dimension

250ml and 500 ml bottles