The Aristoil project has designed different kind of Training sessions and courses on how to produce high phenolic extra virgin olive oil , they are organized in order to inform olive oil producers about the new methods of measuring oil’s phenols, the respective tools used and the benefits of getting involved in the Aristoil Cluster and apply the proposed guidelines of oil extraction. Different formats of training courses have been prepared to inform the producers about the analysis of phenolic compounds as a strategical tool to enhance the nutritional and healthy value of olive oil, the identification of the main parameters involved in the obtaining a healthy extra-virgin olive oil, and the commercial benefits associated to these resources. Here you can find the following formats:

  • presentations for associations of producers
  • didactic videos with high capability of diffusion
  • news in professional journals and newspapers
  • video of past conferences that explains important issues about healthy olive oil

In this section you can find the GUIDELINES for production of High Phenolic Olive Oil with health protective properties prepared by the ARISTOIL team. You can also download all the presentations shown during the Training for producers in each country: