Aristoil project among the 8 finalists for Interreg Project Slam 2019

The 2019 Interreg Project Slam is set to bebigger and better than ever, thanks to Interreg programmessigning up in numbers records! (link)

The 8 finalist projects appearing on stage at EU Regions Week as well as submissions from Interreg cross-borders, transnationaal and Inter-regional programmes. Interact is delightes communicate their results in Innovative ways. 

A panel of experts in communication and capitalization in Interreg have reviewed the applications and made a shortlist of 8 finalist projects, which will travel to EU Regions Week to compete in the 2019 Interreg Project Slam.

the Interreg Project Slam grand final will take place in the Square in brussels during the EU Region Week in the second week of October 2019.

the list of the 8 finalist projects is the following:

APP4SEA Interreg North Periphery and Arctic A greener Europe
ARISTOIL Interreg Med A smarter Europe
HEALTHACROSS FOR FUTURE Interreg Austria-Czech Republic A more socially integrated Europe
SAMT SUDOE Interreg SUDOE A smarter Europe
MEDICINET II Interreg Greece-Bulgaria A more socially integrated Europe
Jobb På tvärs Interreg Sveden - Denkmark - Norway A more socially integrated Europe
OPCC2 Interreg Spain - France - Andorra POCTEFA A greener Europe
2IMPREZS Interreg North Sea Region Programme A greener Europe